Getting the right cover for your things

We know how important it is that your personal belongings are insured against damage, loss or theft. By choosing various contents insurance you can rest assured that you have comprehensive cover for your prized possessions.

This might suit you if…

  • you need comprehensive contents insurance
  • you already have your home insured with us
  • you’re looking for an insurer who is financially strong and is there for you at claim time.

Here’s what you get:

  • cover for most items for their replacement value regardless of age, up to the Sum Insured, whether they are at your home or temporarily removed anywhere in New Zealand
  • cover without limits applying to many items such as hearing aids, frozen foods, mobile phones, laptops, sculptures or artwork
  • automatic cover for your belongings while they are in temporary storage for a maximum of 90 days, up to $20,000.

What can I protect?

When deciding what to protect, there are the items which you might love such as your favourite shoes or pieces of technology. Then there are also the important items which can add up, such as your kitchen appliances or bedroom furniture. You might also want to insure your jewellery and watches. These items generally have specific policy conditions and limits.

We recommend you estimate the value of all the contents you own to factor in a total loss event as your contents Sum Insured, so you’re sure you have the right level of cover.